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ARTPARK opened in 2003 at Samchung-dong, Seoul. It is a global complex cultural space for all the diverse types of artists, curators and collectors. We try to find out creative and young artists, and introduce their works that reflect their own original art worlds by organizing exhibitions or participating international art fairs. Working cooperatively in variety of areas such as science, history and culture, it develops and organizes artistic, architectural, and cultural projects.
ARTPARK provides consulting services in various fields relating to art museums and exhibitions.
ARTPARK are consulting Severance Art Space in Severance Hospital since 2009.

Current Exhibition

Joonsung Bae, The Costume of Painter-At the Studio


Joonsung Bae‘s Still-life provide a opportunity that can move thought. This rhythm in turn generates more still lifes. Still lifes generated by still lifes are therefore not restrictive, but predicative. Joonsung Bae has been using lenticular sheets, attempting an experiment on visual effects. His using lenticular sheets are photographs of images painted by artist himself. It can be included that he is exploring the ‘construction’ of painting’, rather than creating a new work through painting. He is suggesting that painting can be a process of forming layers of compound images. The appreciator-audience tries to seek for viewing time.

Joonsung Bae

2000 M.F.A.GraduateSchool of Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1990 B.F.A.College of FineArts, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2018 The Costume of Painter-At the Studio, ART PARK, Seoul, Korea
2016 The Costume of Painter-Still Life, ART PARK, Seoul, Korea
2012 Moving Still Life, Gallery Touchart, Heyri Art Valley, Paju, Korea