23, Hyoja-ro 7-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

ArtSpace3 is committed to introducing a broad spectrum of contemporary Korean arts with a novel and innovative perspective. Number ‘3’ signifies the aim of ArtSpace3 to seek a balance and harmony between three groups: the artist, the audience, and ArtSpace3.
The space has a distinguishing exhibition space, marked by a duplex-type structure linking the art space, and the exhibit space for cultural properties, which invites the audience to see the works in the art space, and a housing type of sixteenth century Joseon-era at the same time. Moreover, the space, consisting of the walls of various finishes-white, and cement-and the ceilings with different heights of four or eight meters, is designed to enable a wide variety of exhibitions.
ArtSpace3 will continue to promote the creation of new and experimental works, and endeavor to become the cultural voice of artists.

Current Exhibition



This exhibition of Choi Sang-chul’s works to be held at Art Space 3 is intended to highlight his position in the contemporary art world. Choi and his art were mentioned alongside Yun Hyung-keun, Lee U-fan, Park Seo-bo, Lee Kang-so, Oh Su-hwan, and Song Hyun-suk under the title Naturalism and Calligraphic Abstraction in Topography of Contemporary Korean Art authored by art critic Park Young-taik. His art demonstrates an exploration of “purposeless actions” or “pictures emptying myself.” As such, any research on Choi Sang- chul commonly centers on the relationship between his work process and its outgrowths. Methodological discourse adopted in such research has been in agreement with a paradigm shift and trend in the contemporary Korean art scene. His 2018 exhibition is expected to serve as an opportunity to examine another aspect of abstract painting in the Korean art community today.

Sang Chul Choi

1969 BFA, College of FineArt, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2018 ArtSpsce 3, Seoul, Korea
2016 Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea
2009 Gallery Kunstdoc, Seoul, Korea