ATELIER AKI, Galleria Forêt 1F, 32-14, Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

ATELIER AKI, established in 2010, has always challenged new realms as a young and promising gallery specializing in exhibitions and art consulting for companies in Korea. ATELIER AKI supports cultural exchanges and brings in a stream of a new and contemporary art, while encouraging diversity and variety in the art world.
ATELIER AKI has shown and designed unique contents for new art marketing for companies, museums, and public areas. Art marketing clients include 2016 Parkview art Hong Kong, KAKAO(DAUM communication of Korea), Ferragamo of Italy, Versace of Italy, and Absolute Vodka.
ATELIER AKI has always endeavored to explore new grounds that have previously been overlooked by other institutions in Korea. The gallery promotes hybridization and diversity in the regionally localized art world through its active interactions with artists and companies.
Through these efforts, ATELIER AKI has been swiftly expanding its potential and influence, and this attention and fascination with contemporary arts will continue to discover, support, and promote domestic and international artists as the leader in the Asian art market.

Past Exhibition
Androgyny Ⅲ
2016. 10. 11. – 2016. 10. 31.

<Androgyny Ⅲ> is planned by C.P.(Carved Painting), featuring various artworks by 6 artists. Through this exhibition, we try to overcome limits of intrinsic medium and focus on the assumption what will be if inherent art and sense become mingled. In the exhibition, there will be 6 artists’ unique artworks. Kang Jun Young is using various mediums like ceramics, paintings, video etc. to tell his own story. Kim Nam Pyo expresses new form of painting by using unique characteristics of materials. Kim Sea Joong uses painting and sculpture as a work method to define the new concept of space. Through low relief method, Yoon Du Jin moves across plane and solid. Along with drawings, Kang Yeh Sine obstinately expresses bookshelf as in form of object. Ji Yong Ho gives a sculpture life and spirit by using waste tires.

Past Event
VIP After Party –Artist Talk 2016. 10. 13. 7:30 pm
Hareem and Gypsy & Fish Orchestra  2016. 10. 13. 8:00 pm

In ‘VIP After Party- Artist Talk’, musician Hareem and Yoonjung Cho with ‘Hareem and Gypsy & Fish Orchestra’ will prepare performance under the theme of a journey to relaxing and sentimental art and music. We would like to provide an opportunity that people could listen and experience artist’s oeuvres in person.

gallery_weekend_logo Showcase Exhibition

Kang Jun Young