About CHUNG ART Gallery

4, Samseong-ro 147-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

CHUNG ART Gallery originally opened in Seoul’s Singyo neighborhood in 1987. Since its 1994 move to Cheongdam in Seoul’s Gangnam district, it has developed into a dynamic art gallery.
We aim to position ourselves as the center of Korean art by showcasing masterpieces of painting, sculpture, crafts, photography and printing. We advertise and sell artworks through art fairs, solo exhibitions, and individual or collaborate galleries to collectors who love and cherish art as we do.
We participate in art fairs across the world in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, and China, where we are working to introduce our outstanding Korean artists internationally and give young artists opportunities to expand their audiences abroad. We participate in Korea’s most prestigious art fair, the Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), to gain further exposure for our artists.
With an excellent track record over the past 30 years, we continue to commit ourselves to discovering exceptional artists.

Past Exhibition

Unusual Zoo

2017. 9. 20 ~ 10. 13
Rather than developing conceptual sculptures or static images, the artist Jung-Min Kim creates vivid spaces by representing groups of live animals in a single space. As an object, wood carries a great deal of memories and implications within it, and Kim uses it to visualize the memories and dreams that capture his interest. Kim cuts and whittles woods to create various animals, which gives them life and forms a dynamic zoo as they are all brought together in the process.
Humans require education to learn. Animals, however, learn naturally how to survive. To show this phenomenon, Kim highlights the nature of the zoo within the limited space of a gallery. Richly colored woods imbue life in creatures ranging from pets to wild creatures. Floating in space, and emerging from forests and flowers onto the sands, they are all the products of the artist’s creativity, which come together to create a unique zoo-like environment.

Jung-Min Kim

2012 M.F.A. College of Arts, Silla University, Busan, Korea
2008 B.F.A. College of Arts, Silla University, Busan, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 Form of Memory or Piece Looking for the Lost Time, Gallery A1, Seoul, Korea
2010 Piece of Memory, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea