About Galerie GAIA

57-1, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Galerie GAIA opened in 2002 in Insa-dong which is the central culture area in Seoul. It has two stories showing space and provides various exhibitions focusing on contemporary painting, sculpture, and photograph by potential young artists as well as well-established artists.
Furthermore, in order to promote those artworks in the global market, we continuously participate in a variety of international art fairs in Seoul, New York, Miami, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. Based on all those kinds of effort and devotion, Galerie GAIA has become one of the most active and qualified galleries in Korea.

Current Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Kwak Seung-Yong & Kim Myoung-Jin

2017.5.31. – 6.6.
The artworks from Kwak Seung-Yong and Kim Myoung-Jin have been popular in the prestige international art fairs in Miami, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, etc. Kim’s works were chosen as one of the best emerging artists at the Gallery Weekend Korea 2016 and exhibited at the show titled <Gallery Showcase>, in addition to the 50 Must See Artworks by artsy.com in Miami.

Curator’s Note
Kwak Seung-Young draws out new future of creation from the old subjects such as nude and Korean costume. Creation of nude as old as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden has become an attractive subject to all artists through all the times. Kwak is trying to reveal the new realm of the beauty of nude with various materials, techniques and tools in the manner of his own creativity.
The past is continuously evoked and re-interpreted through the present by the artist and the classical and familiar figures such as the Mona Lisa or Odallisque is unveiled to his own creation of the new beauty named Old Future which emits a meditative beauty inherited from the artist’s contemporary and formative creativity.

In the paintings of Kim Myoung-Jin, the boundaries between drawing, graffiti, and illustration are dismantled. They are just full of the traces of ‘the drawing’. His drawings are very unique. They are fantastic, bizarre, and provocative. And yet, they fill the screen with unusual energy and excitement, and they boldly show the cheerful spirit of the raw image itself. They seem to be created by intuition. It is also a process to build a kingdom of his own symbols by symbolizing his inner thoughts and by combining and arranging all the logos and symbols of the world with graffiti or drawing that are naturally exuded from his body and soul. They are visional language and voice different from the characters or languages currently being in use.

Kwak Seung-Young

2002 Graduated from M.P.A.(Plastic Arts), Paris VIII University, Paris, France
1998 Graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles, Paris, France
1994 B.F.A. Hong-ik University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo & Group Exhibition
2014 Galerie GAIA, Old Future, Seoul, Korea
2009 Gallery Gongsan London, Kwak Seung-Young’s solo Exhibition,London, UK
2006, 2008 Kumho Museum, Kwak Seung-Young’s solo Exhibition, Seoul, Korea
2007 Gallery Christine Park, Kwak Seung-Young’s solo Exhibition, Paris, France
1999 Gallery Bernanos, Kwak Seung-Young’s solo Exhibition, Paris, France
1998 Gallery FIAP Jean-Monet, Kwak Seung-Young’s solo Exhibition, Paris, France

Kim Myoung-Jin

Daegu Art University

Selected Solo & Group Exhibition
2016 Galerie GAIA, Edgewalker, Seoul, Korea
2013 Galerie GAIA, Edgewalker, Seoul, Korea
2013 Gana Art Center, Kim, Myoung-Jin’s Solo Exhibition, Seoul, Korea