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Emerging as one of Korea’s leading contemporary art galleries with dedicated curating and selective exhibitions of artist s that represent the contemporaneity of contemporary art, Gallery Baton presents trends and artists worthy of international attention in order to reactive actively to the various flows of contemporary art.
By organizing exhibitions of artists who represent the current state of contemporary art, Gallery Baton aspires to contribute to the expansion and diversity of art. At the same time, it strives for close communications with the art community.

Current Exhibition

Re: Masonry


Gallery Baton is pleased to present Re: Masonry, a solo exhibition by Kim Sang Gyun(b.1967), at the exhibition space in Hannam-dong from August 30 to October 6, 2018. Kim focuses on architectures which were built in the colonial style during Japanese occupation and now stand as historic sites that evoke of the past in the heart of an ultra-modern city. In the exhibition, he presents new works that compellingly integrate the spirit of the times, the hegemony of power, and detailed form of expression in the buildings with his own artistic methodology.
As suggested by the exhibition title Re: Masonry, Kim presents sculptural works in which concrete pieces, divided into the smallest units while retaining the external features of the façade, are put together like a masonry wall. This brings out the optical effect in which the vertical sum of each of the pieces seem like the model house of a modern building, or the actual building observed from a distance.

Kim Sang Gyun

2002 MFA in Sculpture, State University of New York, School of Fine & Performing Arts, New Paltz, New York, USA
1996 MFA in Sculpture, Seoul National University, College of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea 1989 BFA in Sculpture, Seoul National University, College of Fine Art Seoul, Korea

2018 Re:Masonry, Gallery Baton, Seoul, Korea
2015 KIM SANG GYUN, Gallery Baton, Seoul, Korea 2014 Memory / Scene
2014, Gallery Artspace With Artist, Paju, Korea