About Gallery CHOSUN

64 Buckchon-ro, 5gil, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Gallery CHOSUN opened as an independent space in Seoul’s Sogyeok neighborhood in June 2004.
Focusing on contemporary art, Gallery CHOSUN exhibits the work of young artists who represent diverse trends in Korean contemporary art. Additionally, Gallery CHOSUN showcases young artists on a global stage with its participation in global art fairs in Cologne, Miami, and Basel.
Gallery CHOSUN has reopened at a new address at 125 Sogyeok-dong in Seoul’s Jongno District, where it continues to play a leading role in Korean visual culture by introducing creative up-andcoming artists. As a platform for communication which includes various media and genres, Gallery CHOSUN moves forward with a global perspective, working to connect with the public.

Current Exhibition

Scenery that Occurs

2017. 9. 7 ~ 11. 23
People see objects through light. The eye is not simply a transparent window to the outside; it is a sensory organ that senses light reflected from outside objects. Just as the metaphysical world is embodied in physical things, light spans metaphysics and the physical world. It is because of this that vision paralysis not only prevents us from seeing, but is also linked to the paralysis of relationships and emotional instability.
In Jeong-Ju Jeong’s work, emotions linger as the afterglow people experience after facing the light. Everyday conflicts flicker constantly among individuals and communities, within daily life, as illusions, and in other forms. The afterglow of the glare and glimmering shadows can be defined as the ’dim spots’ created in the daily life experienced by the artist. This stands as a metaphor for complex emotions, such as anxiety, curiosity, intimacy, and fear that arise between ’me’ and ’others.’ In this way, Jeong’s works connect with the clues for anxiety in daily life, place and memory, with the relationship with the ’other’ mediated through light and to virtualized ideal spaces. Through this, the artist seeks to express the landscape of the world as experienced through the sense of light by revealing cross-sections of the individual, society, memory, and history.
With this exhibition, the artist exposes her experiences and memories through a model of the building and a camera installed within the model. Through this, Jeong creates a sketch in the form of a painted landscape, which is presented on a billboard screen installed within the scenery. Five new pieces of artworks are shown in the exhibition hall, where the pavilion in the landscape stands as a metaphor for the world. In observing the scenery, the audience experiences a landscape of the ideal world through the physical media of paper and paint, rather than light. Ultimately, the pavilion and the audience situated in the landscape scenery collectively experience the ideal world through invisible light.

Jeong-Ju Jeong

2015 D.F.A. Graduate School of Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea
2002 Diplom, Sculpture Kunstakademie Duesseldorf, Germany
1995 B.F.A. Sculpture, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2014 Scotoma, Gallery Chosun, Seoul, Korea
2012 Strange Visit, Gallery Chosun, Seoul, Korea
2010 Illusion, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010 City of Gaze, Gallery Chosun, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 Sculptor Kim Chong Yung and His Era, Kim Chong Yung Museum, Seoul, Korea
2015 Transparent Passage, Nook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 New Media Art 2015: Across Voices, CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea
2014 Ode to Youth, Hongik Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2014 Confessions of a Mask, Museum of Art Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
2014 Vision’s Voyage, Palais de Seoul, Seoul, Korea
2014 Breathing Light, Gallery Shinsegae, Gwangju, Korea
2013 The Future in Now, MMCA, Gwacheon, Korea
2013 Media Theater 2013, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul Korea
2013 The Magic of Light, Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan, Korea
2012 Media City Seoul – Spell on the City, Sangam DMC, Seoul, Korea