Gallery chosun

64, Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul Korea

Gallery Chosun opened its new exhibition space in a prime location of Seoul, South Korea in June 2004. Centered around the modern and contemporary art, Gallery Chosun introduces the diverse movement of Korean contemporary art. Furthermore, the gallery introduces the emerging Korean artists to the international stage, helping them to participate in the major global art fairs including Art Cologne and Miami Art Basel. Gallery Chosun is committed to becoming an ultimate paradigm of Korean contemporary art, leading the meaningful communication through the vision of creativity and culture regardless of genre.

Current Exhibition



Oak Jungho, the artist, has been working on social issues by bringing them into the realm of personal creativity. Although he is dealing with the heavy themes throughout his artwork, he gives us a bright impression and keeps its humor at the same time. He always has his own expression of his ideas about corrupt society in humorous way. Furthermore, he lets us look back at our hidden guilt by illustrating his own struggle in his artwork.

1. About video work
I wanted to express both sides of the phenomena through this two videos. Gesture of comedy is appearing simultaneously with gestures of tragedy. The comic gesture that appears here comes from the limitations of expression on the tragedy. It’s a kind of lame imitation. If you focus on being sordid here,
my video can be seen as a below level work but once you focus on my imitating gesture which can be explaned as a imitation of a gesture or gesture of gesture, I think eventually this caricature could be a realistic scene.

2. About photography The person in the picture appears strangely like a male’s erection. Looking this scene give us both disgusting / comic code just like when we peek into a man’s sexual organs. It can’t be clearly explained why this person intervenes in the landscape in such a way, but this ‘foreignness’, which can not be explained or constituted is considered as a key point of my work. So my work could be seen neither surrealistic nor unrealistic, but it has the power to ask about the world that we are living through this intervention/ intrusion.

Jungo Oak

2008 MFA Korea National University of Arts. Seoul, Korea
2003 B.A Korean National University of Arts. Seoul, Korea

2018 The World of Mimang(迷妄/彌望), gallery chosun, Seoul Korea
2017 Rewind, Sangup gallery, Seoul Korea
2015 Hamrtia Gallery chosun, Seoul, Korea