About Gallery KONG

38, Samcheongro 7 ghil, Jongro-gu, Seoul Korea

Gallery KONG, located in the main Samcheong art district in Seoul, was founded by owner Grace K.H. Kong in 2005. Its principal focus is the representation of an international group of emerging and established contemporary artists, whose diverse practices include photography, installation, and new media art. The gallery represents established international artists like Erwin Olaf, Michael Kenna, Bae Bien-U, Bernard Faucon, Joel Mayerowitz, Sandy Skoglund, and Gregory Scott, along with young emerging artists like Jung Yeon Min, Nathan Harger, Ruo Bing Chen, and Hye-Jin Shin.
In recognition of its outstanding contributions to the advancement of Korean contemporary photography, Gallery KONG was invited to serve as a portfolio reviewer for the first Daegu Photo Biennale in 2008. With its participation in the first Paris Photo L.A. event from April 26 to 28, 2013, Gallery KONG received rave reviews among various world-renowned galleries for the excellent selection of artwork it exhibited from artists in Asia and western countries. Art in America selected it as one of the top galleries at the event.

Past Exhibition

From Old Paper, The Sound of Soul II

2017. 9. 11 ~ 9. 30
In 2017, Gallery KONG presented sculpture and installation works of Hye-Jin Shin, emerging contemporary Korean artist. Using a technique that is unique to the artist, the artwork shows internal time through layers upon layers that are created with the pages of antique Korean books.

Artist’s Note
My sculpture began out of concerns about aspects of human life that cannot be escaped: birth, death, the understanding of God, and the dimension of time.
The antique books that I used as material for the sculpture were things that I recognized as one-dimensional pieces of existence – akin to dots – while pondering how human existence may occupy time. As I considered what time means to human beings and where the time beyond it exists, I attempted to use antique books as material to represent a single dimension and molded them into a three-dimensional sculpture. The sculpture is inspired by the light or shape felt when I pray; indirectly, the artwork aims to critique misguided values held by modern people toward reality. I am scheduled to exhibit the first sculpture under the title Sound of Soul Ⅱ in September 2017. Where my first private exhibition involved ornamental artwork that resembled pictures, this exhibition consists of sculptures at a scale 20 times larger. The sculpture was an endless exploration for me, and I felt the deepest of connections with the antique paper that I worked with. The medium of ornamental work represented the only passage to reality for me, a means by which I used the strength of the antique paper to take a step toward the world. Through this exhibition, I use sculpture to tell a story about this reality and what aspects are invisible in this reality.

Hye-Jin Shin

2011 M.F.A. Kookmin University, Metalwork, Seoul, Korea
2005 B.F.A. Kookmin University, Metalwork, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 From Old Paper, The Sound of Soul, Gallery Kong, Seoul, Korea
2012 BKV Prize, Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein, Munich, Germany
2012 Sensitive Image Exhibition, Humming, Sungkok Museum, Seoul, Korea