62, Ogin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Since the gallery opened, LUX has been hosting about 550 exhibitions. Also LUX scouts for talented rising artists and supports by hosting their exhibitions. Especially, accepting pluralism of perspectives and new attempts of art, LUX tries to promote aesthetic of art in our generation by hosting various exhibitions that are in new forms. LUX attends domestic and international art fairs continuously and finds various consumers, communicate with more art lovers. Specially, LUX introduces emerging artists at art fairs and providing their works continuously.

Past Exhibition
Jeong Kyungja solo exhibition <Elegant Town>
2016. 9. 29. – 2016. 10. 16.

Kyungja Jeong’s work <Elegant Town> is a story about expressions of subject and space through fragments of images in the city as an artificial stage and records of process that prove the world surround artist herself. Now the city is universal and natural living space for most people. The city is the place where every value exists without any will of choice and everything can be unified and be changed value-free at the same time by the clash of values. Old things disappear and new ones rise here and there. The new things and environment might be seen they exist for us however it seems that they lock us in and are taming us. After all, <Elegant Town> let us rethink the meaning of the city where we are living and walking around today.

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