About Gallery LVS

33 Dosan-daero 27-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Gallery LVS opened in 2008 under the objective of enriching the cultural soil of Korea. The gallery presents a broad spectrum of modern and contemporary art from paintings to media art through various local and international exhibitions and projects. Gallery LVS actively instigates and strengthens the global cultural exchange by not only acting as a foothold for emerging Korean artists to move on to the world stage, but also bringing international works by established artists and the masters that are leading the global art market to Korea.

Past Exhibition

Won-Kun Jun: Pause

2017.5.18. – 6.24.
Gallery LVS (Shinsa-dong space) presented Won-Kun Jun’s solo exhibition titled Pause from May 18th to June 24th, 2017, Jun’s third solo exhibition at Gallery LVS. Included in the exhibition were Jun’s new works that were still broadening in the scope of color and form. In his new Dots series, Jun used yellow-gold hues in the foundation alluding to the symbolic color in both Eastern Buddhist paintings and Western icon paintings, further highlighting the spiritual performance and historical significance of painting.

Jun’s paintings are consistent as ever but also constantly evolving. Like the unidirectional route of life, and Jun’s unique technique of building up thin layers of paint one by one, his paintings are silently and modestly moving forward without drawing anyone’s attention. The growth of a soul does not require others’ acknowledgement or proclamation, but it can be personally felt and shared with others by a tacit consent. As one looks back after ascetically advancing forward, one can find him or herself and even the surrounding community already matured, and small things that seemed meaningless come into their full potential.
Many often think that the process of ‘pausing’ out of all the various routes that one can take in life is regressive rather than progressive. But for Jun, ‘pausing’ is to move forward; it is a moment when mind and body are finally empty after arduously devoting the body into repetitive labor. An honest pause cannot be replaced by other means of pleasure or entertainment. Jun’s continuous repetition of filling and emptying the canvas is an honest pause blurring the beginning and the end of his work and evoking a full resonance.
Within Jun’s paintings that consist of simple, yet clear restrictions using only four colors and his hand movement filling and emptying, one can find peace of mind and body.

Artist’s Note

I often think of a different meaning as I look into my works during the course of painting. It is integrate of connotation that are mostly about mutual relation. Relation between me and my work, producer and consumer of artwork, artwork and its effect on future society and generation.

What kind of relationship closely seats between me and my works?

Haven’t I forgotten my obligation as when I first step into an artist? To sympathize and comfort people with my own emotion and sensibility? The preparations for this exhibition began with doubts as to whether the sense of mission to society continues. In parallel, it has been an opportunity for me to look back and see if there is any special reason of coexistence between me and my works.

These dots represent the artist’s position as an active role, to touch and comfort someone through the artwork, and extends to show aspects of self-comfort. A pause for myself whenever I want to breathe. It includes the discovery of proletarian joy in the process of working and not just the passage of Narcissism to get impressed by my work. The act of painting is very important as it provides room for my mental sanctuary. Ultimately, my works are not solely about the reflection of my gesture on the canvas. More, it is guidance of my spirit.

Repetitive process of applying and wiping a layer of overlapping paint is a humble and gentle deed. Solemnly, neither scornful nor critical nor crying out loudly against society, I tried to keep myself on non-biased, neutral side to look into many things. I am moving away from florid brushwork, new material, new fashion, and glamor or to any other external looks.

To do so, it requires various forms of resection. I have never compromised with the paint in order to splendidly adorn pictorial elements as coincidence. Also, I needed to gain the capability to mediate conflict with harmony of paints. Through self-train, I try to create and feel the echo of my inner self that is like spread of water on paper through.

Moderation is to represent the basic formative elements with only four colors, red, yellow, blue and green, and with minimal method. The concept of simplification is not only about the expression on the screen, but is closely connected with materials. This is only to mitigate my internal emotion and nothing other than that. Yes, it is undeniable as the scope of the work widened, work and external elements (color, technique and more) are emphasized. It resulted as persuasive question to viewers, how the work is perceived visually. However, through preparation for the exhibition, I tried to identify with my subjective aesthetic and to formulate. I hope it will be a turning point to look back.

In conclusion, I believe that I cannot be favorable nor generous to lie to find space for my comfort. Keeping that in my mind, I would rethink about the relationship between me and my work as I set paint on the canvas. Interaction are not tangible and cannot be easily recognized by everyone. Yet, I wish, even for a few seconds, the viewers to be able to find a stoppage. And through that the viewer’s find words of comfort that they need.

Won-Kun Jun

2003 B.A. Duesseldorf Kunstakademie, Duesseldorf, Germany
2001 Meisterschueler (Prof. Helmut Federle)
1999 Completed Braunschweigkunsthochschule Course, Braunschweig, Germany
1997 B.A. Chugye University for The Arts, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo & Group Exhibition
2016 Won-Kun Jun; Between ,Youngeun Museum of Contemporary art, Gwangju, Korea
2015 Jenseits of Logik, Galerie Cubus-m, Berlin, Germany
2014 Won-Kun Jun, Gallery Werner Klein, Cologne, Germany
2014 Won-Kun Jun & Jun Azumatei, Gallery Katharina Krohn, Basel, Switzerland
2013 Point of View, Gallery Kexington, Busan, Korea
2012 Gallery Katharina Krohn, Basel, Switzerland
2011 Korea International Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
2010 Untitled, Gallery The BOX, Duesseldorf, Germany
2009 Dialog, Gallery Herold, Bremen, Germany
2008 Gallery S, Seoul, Korea
2007 Because…, National Art Studio Goyang, Korea
2007 Korea-Germany Exchange Art Exhibition, Duesseldorf Balhaus, Germany
2006 In Space, Art Association Heinsberg, Germany
2005 The Color Field, Gallery Konard Moenter KG, Meerbusch, Germany
2004 Abstraction, Moderation, Emotion, Gallery Art Kulturform, Leverkusen, Germany
2003 Static Resonance, Gallery Kunstraum No.10, Moenchen, Gladbach, Germany
2002 Man and Nature, Gallery Am Stdt Museum, Duesseldorf, Germany
2001 Paintings, Gallery Konard Moenter KG, Meerbusch, Germany
2000 Form, Color and Plane, Gallery Gravuere, Essen, Germany