657, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Opened in 2007, Gallery 2 represents an extensive collection of contemporary art by Korean and international artists. With its particular aim to promote the works of young emerging Korean artists, the gallery’s program investigates art in varied media, showing an innovative approach to attracting a worldwide art audience. Gallery 2 is placed in the most pleasant pedestrian district of Seoul among clusters of galleries, boutiques and restaurants.

Past Exhibition
Mirror stage
2016. 09. 08 – 2016. 10. 15.

In Sojung Lee’s painting, a form is successive of a previous form following one after the other. It repeatedly multiplies and continues the succession. A cause produces a result, and vice versa. Due to this process, the painting loses a vanishing point because a detail again brings in another detail to multiply. The majesty of the forms, that little by little eats away space constructing their own world, delivers an odd pleasure to the viewers. At the moment when individual elements, which looked totally unrelated to each other, suddenly become unified, meaning is suggested. The viewer’s joy is enunciated. And that moment arouses an illusion of the mirror stage where a fragmented body is recognized as an entire form.

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Donghyun Son