JJ Joong Jung Gallery

7-12 Pyeongchang 10-Gil, Jongno-Gu, Seoul

JJ Joong Jung Gallery was established in Chungdam-dong, Gangnam-gu in 2011 to introduce competent artists at home and abroad, actively responding to the contemporary art trends. Since then, it has organized special exhibitions and participated in domestic and overseas art fairs, influencing many people to experience the changes in space and the quality of life through artworks.
In 2017, we moved to Pyeongchang-dong, Jongno-gu, where we can meet the natural environment by pursuing new changes. It provides a moment to look back on life in a space close to nature, and displays exhibits that maximize imagination and creativity in a more dynamic space.
JJ Joong Jung Gallery has been constantly introducing works that remind us of the persistent artist spirit and purify the eyes and minds of the audience. The works of PARK Jin Gyu, PARK Chanoo, CHOI Young Wook, CHOI Jun Kun, and HWANG Seung Woo etc. are well received by art lovers both in Korea and abroad.

Current Exhibition

Eternity of Finiteness


An expression “rapid changes” alone cannot define the present-day state of our lives to its full extent. We frequently observe and experience transitions around us in a blink of an eye, whether it be a minimal adjustment or a revolutionary development. Our up-to-date minds are accustomed to changes and anticipate a series of new innovations to occur on a daily basis. As opposed to the prevailing lifestyle, two artists are creating their works based on the idea of accumulation of mundane habits, moments, and time.
The lines Young Wook Choi draws on the surface of the moon jar is not a mere representation of the fractures of the porcelain; they come together at one point and break apart at another, yet still continue on across the canvas like the roads and paths we take and choose in our lives.
Seung Woo Hwang creates multiple layers as he cuts through the stone with a grinder and they eventually form strata. The exposed layers allow the viewers to capture the distinct characteristic of the material from a new perspective.
Repetition, flow, and accumulation. Moments and daily lives are accumulated, sometimes affected and altered by mere coincidence. And although they may result in unexpected outcomes, in the end, all lies and stays within the moon jar and the stone.
It can be interpreted as the process of yearning for eternity through repetition of finiteness. It is also a life in which we are not carried away by the constant, swift changes and where we endure countless obstacles. Endurance does not imply simply holding through hardships and grimaces; the end result is a bright, pure moon jar, layers and strata, and works of art.
Young Wook Choi’s painting and Seung Woo Hwang’s sculpture send us an important message, encouraging us to look back at our individual lives and question the world in which we draw the lines and layer our moments.

Young Wook CHOI

1991 B.F.A, Hong Ik University
2000 M.F.A, Hong Ik University

Solo Exhibition
2018 Condensation, Ilwoo Space, Seoul, Korea
2018 Karma, Banyantree Hotel Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017 Karma, Daishin Finance Center Gallery 343, Seoul, Korea