K-ART Conversation

K-ART Conversation brings together panels of leading gallerists, collectors, curators, and journalists for public discussions on a range of topics related to the field of contemporary art. The diversity of themes and participants promises a wide spectrum of perspectives and ideas. The event was open to the public.

[September Edition]

* This talk program was co-hosted by Talking Galleries.


Session Ⅰ. TG Talk: New Business Models for Galleries and New Ways of Collaborations

Sept. 23(sat) 1:00pm ~ 2:30pm at KIAF

In the growing globalized art world, galleries must draw up new strategies to adapt to new environments. Galleries have realized that there is an urgent need to join forces and work together from a strategic point of view, adopting some new formulas: joint initiatives, pop-up galleries, online projects, among others. This conversation brought together renowned gallerists from different contexts to share their experience and their view on alternative business models for galleries today.

Adam Sheffer / Speaker
President of the Art Dealers Association of America(ADAA)

Claes Nordenhake / Speaker
Founder and Director of Galerie Nordenhake

Jeffrey Boloten / Moderator
Co-Founder and Managing Director of ArtInsight Ltd.

Session Ⅱ. Collectors’ Talk: Asia Highlights

Sept. 23(sat) 3:00pm ~ 4:30pm at KIAF

Uli Sigg and Richard Chang, both prominent collectors, presented their own art collections and aesthetic aspects of Asian and Korean art, in addition to exploring areas such as how to start contemporary art collection and what attracts them. The round-table with the panelists was led by Clara Kim, chief curator of Tate Modern in London as a moderator.

Uli Sigg / Speaker
Art Collector

Richard Chang / Speaker
Art Collector

Clara Kim / Moderator
Chief Curator of Tate Modern

Session Ⅲ. Media Outlet Talk: What’s Next? The Future of Asian Art Market

Sept. 23(sat) 5:00pm ~ 6:30pm at KIAF

This conversation aimed at providing an overview of the present and future of Asian art in the global art market, addressing a question “Is Asian content competitive enough in the global art market?”

Clare McAndrew / Speaker
Founder and Director of Arts Economics

Adeline Ooi / Speaker
Director of Art Basel Hong Kong

Filipa Ramos / Front-row
Editor-in-Chief of Art Agenda

Amy Sherlock / Front-row
Deputy Editor of Frieze Magazine

Melanie Gerlis / Moderator
Art market Columnist and Contributor of Financial Times

Session Ⅳ. Asian Abstract Art Talk: A Closer Look into Asian Abstract Art

Sept. 24(sun) 1:00pm ~ 2:30pm at KIAF

This panel discussion explored the specificity of contemporary abstract art, by focusing on East Asia and, in particular, the regions of Korea, China, and Japan. This session offered a platform for dynamic dialog among Korean and international professionals specializing in contemporary Asian abstract art such as Dansaekhwa, Gutai, and the Fifth Moon Group movement since the 1960s.

David Joselit / Speaker
Professor of City University of New York

Emerson Wang / Speaker
Curator and Art Critic

Shoichi Hirai / Speaker
Senior curator at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

Jung-Ah Woo / Moderator
Associate Professor of POSTECH

Session Ⅴ. Media Art Talk: How Collectible Is Media Art?

Sept. 24(sun) 3:00pm ~ 4:30pm at KIAF

How practical is it to buy media artworks – which are more easily reproducible and more ephemeral than painting or sculpture? The panel discussion addressed the worth and value of collecting media art, both for private and for institutional collections. This session consisted of Korean and international curators, art critics, and collectors in the field of media art.

Mark Tribe / Speaker
Chair of Fine Arts Dept. of the School of Visual Arts

Filipa Ramos / Speaker
Editor-in-Chief of Art Agenda

McKenzie Wark / Speaker
Professor of Culture and Media in Liberal Studies at The New School

Lorena Muñoz-Alonso / Front-row
UK Editor at Artnet

Won Joon Yoo / Moderator
Director and Founder of Alice On

[June Edition] Jun. 3(sat), 4pm ~ 6pm in Seoul / Jun. 4(sun), 4pm~ 6pm in Busan

* This talk program was co-hosted by ArtAsiaPacific.


“Does Identity Matter in the Marketplace?”

The esteemed panel of international art experts, each with a unique perspective on the art market, discussed local versus regional art works and artists, regional versus global art and artists; and compared the pros and cons of how each would be received in the art market. The panel also focused on whether a national cultural institution’s primary role should promote homegrown art. The conversation included personal and professional experiences from the panel’s collective years of experience in the promotion of art and exhibitions in their home countries and abroad, bringing together an exclusive meeting of the minds.

David Elliott / Speaker
Curator and art critic

Wiyu Wahono / Speaker
Art collector

Tsong-zung Chang / Speaker
Founder of Hanart TZ Gallery Hong Kong

Elaine W. Ng / Moderator
Editor and publisher of ArtAsiaPacific