K-ART Conversation

<K-ART Conversation> is an international panel talk program hosted by the Arts Management Support Center and Galleries Association of Korea, in partnership with Talking Galleries. Panels made up of foreign and Korean experts will hold conversations on various subjects related to visual arts. The lecture will consist of five sessions: Collecting, Media, Art Market Reports, Architecture and Design.

Venue: 4F Conference Room(South) 402, COEX, Seoul

Session Ⅰ. Art & Architecture. Thinking Spaces for Art

OCt.5 Fri 11:00~12:30

Museums and galleries are not just buildings that contain artworks. Many of them get into a sort of rivalry with the artworks it hosts and reach the status of iconic landmark in their city, generating special international focus, e.g. Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum. Their architectural studios pour all their wisdom into the creation of an ideal spatiality for installing art, designing the perfect fusion between the outside and the inside. What are the main factors and criteria to be taken into consideration for creating such spaces? How do they conceptually conceive the building?

Jing Liu / Speaker
Founding Partner and Principal, SO–IL architects, New York

Tateo Nakajima / Speaker
Principal of Arts, Culture & Entertainment ARUP

Session Ⅱ. Art and Design in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Era

Oct.5 Fri 14:00~15:30

What is the relationship and role of art and design in the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which rapidly evolves in the wake of the fourth industrial revolution? We look for possibilities and directions through the conversation between design experts and media artists.
We will discuss how creative area, that was considered to be human’s own ability, is changing in the new era.

Kwang Hyuk KIM / Moderator
Total Contents Lab, Director

Jae Yeop KIM / Speaker
Microsoft, AI & Research Group, Interaction Lead Designer

Sukwoo LEE / Speaker
SWNA Founder, Industrial Designer

Elliot Woods / Speaker
Kimchi and Chips, Co-founder & Artist

Sey MIN / Speaker
Data Visualization Artist, Art & Technology Professor, Sogang University

Lee Nam LEE / Speaker
LEE Lee Nam Studio, Media Artist

Session Ⅲ. Key Figures and Trends in the Art Market Today: From the Global Scene to the Asian/ Korean Context

Oct.6 Sat 11:00~12:30

An outlook to the current status of the international art trade through the analysis of results, statistics and main trends put together in annual reports, aiming to draw the picture from the global scene to the regional and Korean art landscape.

Georgina Adam / Moderator
Art Market Author and Journlist, The Art Newspaper/ Financial Times

Marek Classen / Speaker
Managing Director, ArtFacts.Net Group

Henri Neuendorf / Speaker
Associate Editor, artnet News

Session Ⅳ. Ways of Collecting Art Today

OCt.6 Sat 14:00~15:30

What does it mean to collect art in the 21st century? How do collectors envision their role today? Collectors nowadays are more focused in sharing than in possessing, so what does collecting mean today? It no longer entails the mere acquisition of artworks; many collectors now are getting involved in the artistic processes and become engaged with patronage, production or institutions; thus, generating new relationships and dynamics with the artists, curators, advisors, museums and other fellow collectors.

Georgina Adam / Moderator
Art Market Author and Journalist, The Art Newspaper and Financial Times

Han Nefkens / Speaker
Han Nefkens Foundation, Amsterdam / Barcelona

Frank Yang / Speaker
Founder of Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation, Shenzhen

Ramón Sauma (Founder) / Speaker
Colección Ca. Sa, Santiago de Chile

Cristián Aninate (Executive Director) / Speaker
Colección Ca. Sa, Santiago de Chile

Session Ⅴ. Communicating in the Art World: How to Promote your Project effectively

Oct.6 Sat 16:30~18:00

Communication is vital to construct a project.
The content is king and knowing who and how to address the communication strategies is a key for a successful campaign. Communicating in the art world involves a carefully planned and tailored strategy for each project –whether it is a museum, a commercial gallery, a nonprofit organization or an art fair. Leading communication experts, both working in art institutions or in independent PR agencies, will share their knowledge and experience in coordinating marketing and communication teams.

Hongchul BYUN / Moderator
Graywall, Director, Adjunct Professor of Dongduk Univ

Rebecca Taylor / Speaker
Executive Vice President, FITZ & CO London

Erica Siu / Speaker
Assistant VP and Director, SUTTON PR, Hong Kong

Bel Natividad / Speaker
Head of Marketing and Social Media, MACBA Barcelona

Kingsley Jayasekera / Speaker
Director, Marketing and Customer Experience of West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong