K-ART Conversation

The K-ART Conversation is a thought-provoking series of Panel Talks taking place at the Coex Hall Auditorium during the Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) period. This year’s Conversation will address the industrialization of art market, and feature leading art collectors, curators, gallery directors, entrepreneurs, and art world experts. Comprised of three sessions, Business and Art Foundation, Collaboration with Business, and Convergence of Art and Technology, this event is open to the public.

<K-ART 컨버세이션>은 미술시장의 산업화를 주제로 한 국제 패널토크 프로그램입니다. 국내·외 컬렉터, 큐레이터 및 기업 관계자가 패널로 초청되어 미술과 비즈니스의 다양한 연계 방안을 모색하고 그 성공사례들을 공유하는 자리가 될 것입니다. 한국국제아트페어(KIAF)가 열리는 코엑스 전시홀 오디토리움에서 진행되며 “기업과 아트파운데이션”, “기업과의 콜라보레이션”, “예술과 기술의 융합” 등 총 3개의 세션으로 구성됩니다. 모든 패널토크는 일반 대중에게 무료로 공개됩니다.

[Session I] Oct.12(Wed) 3:00 ~ 4:30pm

Business and Art Foundation: Creating Shared Value between Arts and Business기업과 아트파운데이션 : 예술과 기업의 공동가치창출

The panelist Adrian Cheng will examine the synergy effects of collaboration between art foundations and artists as well as share success stories of his collaborative projects. Adrian Cheng is a global entrepreneur and founder of K11 Art Foundation.

Jilly Ding
Artistic Director, K11 Art Foundation

Sook-Kyung Lee
Senior Research Curator, Tate Research Centre : Asia
Curator, Tate’s Asia Pacific Acquisitions Committee

[Session II] Oct.14(Fri) 3:00 ~ 4:30pm

Collaboration with Business : Boundaries between Art and Product Design기업과의 콜라보레이션 : 미술과 디자인의 경계

“There is no longer a clear border between product design and art”. Alan Chan, a Hong Kong based global industrial designer, is the main panelist and will share instances of successful collaboration between businesses, designers, and artists, in addition to exploring how art becomes industrialized.

Alan Chan
CEO, Alan Chan Design Company
Visual Arts Advisor, the National Centre for the Performing
Graphic Designer

Michael Leung
Co-founder of MIRO Ltd. (conceptual design, furniture design, and exhibition firm in Netherlands and now based in Hong Kong)

Zinoo Park
Media artist, Founder and Director, Zinoodesign Lab
Professor, Industrial Design at Daegu University, Korea

[Session III] Oct.15(Sat) 3:00 ~ 4:30pm

Convergence of Art and Technology : The Importance of Art in Digital Era예술과 기술의 융합 : 디지털 시대 예술의 중요성

The main panelist Jonathan Watkins, a director of IKON Gallery in London, will discuss various facets of the evolving relationship between the worlds of art and technology, including: new and innovative business models arising from the convergence of art and technology; and the impact this fusion upon our lives.

Jonathan Watkins
Director, IKON Gallery

Rebecca Shatwell
Director, AV Festival, UK

McKenzie Wark
Professor, Culture and Media in Liberal Studies at The New School for Social Research

Sey Min
Founder and Creative director, Randomwalks Company

※ All Panel Talks are open to the public. For pre-registration through online, click here