B-103 Namsan Platinum, 46, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Since Keumsan Gallery in Seoul opened in 1992, it has strived to be an entity that performs the role of communicating with influential art markets in Korea. Also, the gallery has continuously represented Korean artists in international art scenes and market and volunteered a role as a bridge to connect all Asian art scenes. The gallery has represented major Asian artists including Assadoure, Ota Saburo, Aoki Noe, Ikeuchi Akiko, Uematsu keiji, Yu Fan, Weng Fen, Park Seo-Bo, Lee U-Fan, Ji Da Chun and Lee Jae-Hyo.
For past years, Keumsan Gallery has been working to initiate active exchange between Asian countries and also attempted to offer valuable opportunities to make talented young artists confront various markets for building up the next generation of Asian art.
The gallery is able to perform broader tasks such as art marketing and consulting via professional communication with the major components of the Asian art world.

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Yong R. KWON