About LEE EUGEAN Gallery

17, Apgujeong-ro 77-gil Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

With its opening in Choengdam-dong, Seoul, in November 2011, LEE EUGEAN Gallery introduces artworks from the fast-moving world of contemporary art from skilled artists currently active in Korea and internationally. Dealing with various types of artwork including paintings, sculptures, photographs, media arts, as well as furniture, crafts, design and architecture, we provide our clientele of art collectors high-quality works of art they can display in their own daily space. We also operate academies and workshop programs led by artists, designers and cultural directors, which have helped our art-loving audiences hone their cultural and artistic perspectives and understanding.

Past Exhibition


2017. 9. 18 ~ 9. 27

LEE EUGEAN Gallery presented work by the two geometric abstract artists Bong-Tae Kim and HyounSoo Kyung, along with abstract paintings by Sue-Jin Chung.

Bong-Tae Kim adapts both Eastern and Western aesthetics in his artworks. His Dancing Box series depicts ordinary subject matter in the form of the discarded boxes found all around us, which he transforms into lively shapes. His unique approach involves applying bright, primary colors to simplified shapes against serene backdrops constructed with several layers of painted plexi-glass.

Kyung’s artworks are based on forms and lines of debris, derived from an actual map that has been manipulated through repetition and deconstruction. To present the paintings with a strong color scheme and visual impact, the artist applies clear-cut lines and shapes in strong, primary colors that combine to generate a poetic effect.

While Kim and Kyung draw upon universal thinking from a single fixed subject within a conscious state of mind, artist Sue-Jin Chung assembles various figurative forms from an unconscious state of mind, reconstructing them into one abstract scene. By emphasizing the meaning of multilayered visual elements, Chung suggests deviating from the fixed ideas we tend to hold toward symbols and language.

Bong-Tae Kim

1967 M.F.A. Painting, Otis Art Institute, California, United States
1961 B.F.A. Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 Small Works, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 Contemporary Korean Artist Series, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
2013 Bong-Tae Kim: Accumulation, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
2009 Bong-Tae Kim, Gallery Royal, Busan, South Korea
2008 Dancing Box, Gallery Hyunudai, Seoul, Korea

Hyoun-Soo Kyung

1999 M.F.A. Painting, School of Visual Art, New York, United States
1995 B.F.A. Painting, Jung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 Instant Mass, Lee Eugean Gllery, Seoul, Korea
2015 Shape & Color, Space Willing N Dealing Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Hyoun-Soo Kyung, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013 Landscape Perceived, Arario Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 Sporadic Positioning, Arario Gallery, Cheonan, Korea
2012 Hyoun-Soo Kyung, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Sue-Jin Chung

1995 M.F.A. Painting, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, United States
1992 B.F.A. Painting, College of Fine Arts, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 Visual Arithmetic: The 64 Formal Codes, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013 The Advent of Multidimensional Creatures, Gallery Skape, Seoul, Korea
2011 Pyramid Dialectic, Mongin Art Center, Seoul, Korea