17, Apgujeong-ro 77-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

With its grand opening at Choengdam-dong, Seoul in November 2011, LEE EUGEAN GALLERY introduces the fast-moving world of contemporary arts, exhibiting works of competent artists currently active in either domestic or international fields.  Dealing with various types of art work including paintings, sculptures, photographs, media arts, as well as furniture, crafts, design and architecture, the gallery is dedicated in providing its clientele of art collectors optimal solutions to bring the art works into their own daily space. The gallery also operates academies and workshop programs led by artists, designers and cultural directors, which have helped our art-loving audiences hone their cultural and artistic perspectives and understandings.

Past Exhibition
Instant Mass
2016. 9. 22. – 2016. 10. 20.

Lee Eugean Gallery is opening a solo exhibition of Hyounsoo Kyung from 22 September through 20 October. As the artist’s third solo exhibition held at Lee Eugean Gallery, it will showcase his new paintings filled with extended perspective in even more varied colors and forms than before along with new sculptural pieces. The show will provide the audience not only his persistent study on color paintings subjected to debris, but also an unique opportunity to see the artist’s rather bizarre, but novel expression created with peculiar material called angel clay, white clay used as children’s toy. These three dimensional work series will not fail to reflect the artist’s attempt on trying on a new material in a ‘child-like’ manner in contrast to paintings strictly performed through highly rational and acute sense.

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Hyounsoo Kyung