About Leeahn Gallery
188-1, Icheon-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

Since its inception in 2007 in Daegu, and its opening of a second branch in Seoul in 2013, LEEAHN has operated the two gallery spaces. LEEAHN has hosted the exhibitions of such Korean artists as Hyunwook Ryu, Myungmi Lee, Tchunmo Nam, J. Park, and Hodeuk Kim 3 or 4 times every year. LEEAHN presented their works at overseas exhibitions and art fairs. LEEAHN has played a pivotal role in arranging the exhibitions of eminent artists such as Alex Katz, Nam June Paik, A.R. Penck, Damien Hirst, Mr., Jennifer Steinkamp, Paritica Piccinini, Mingzhong Wu, David Salle, DZINE, Eve Sussman, Imi Knoebel and Frank Stella. Also, LEEAHN has discovered artists, supported their artistic creation and contributed to their gaining footholds in international market. With an extensive range of exhibitions, LEEAHN will contribute to invigorating the art market and globalizing Korean art.

Past Exhibition
Taebum Ha: WHITE
2016. 9. 8. – 2016. 10. 22

Taebum Ha starts his work by collecting iconic images of news produced by media. He makes miniature buildings and interior objects by hand and photographs and films these settings to re-create violent and painful images of war and natural disasters. The distinguish point is that he has completely eliminated any hint of suffering or blood that usually stain the news images. His pure “white” images force us to experience these familiar images in an entirely different way. This exhibition provides an opportunity to critically reflect on our experience of viewing images of violence, war and the pain and suffering of others through a selection of artworks by <White> including his newest works, Syria.

Past Exhibition
Nam Tchunmo
2016. 8. 31. – 2016. 10. 15.

Nam Tchunmo is one of the well-known post-Dansaekhwa artists. The ‘ㄷ-shaped’ wood frame wrapped with a fabric, as if it is cast, deserves to be called a ‘relief painting’. The vertical furrows stand out in bold relief, casting its shadow on the canvas. It makes 2D plane to 3D space. His recent works are characterized by larger scale in comparison to his earlier works, limited neutral colors, and some formative rhythms. In particular, He added some furrows from different angles to the existing flow of vertical furrows so that they zigzag on a screen. The crisscrossing oblique furrows exert varying effects on his screen, which would otherwise feel monotonous.

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