Performer : Juheon Kim

Juheon Kim has gained both Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s degree in Dance from Korea National University of Arts and had worked as a dancer in LDP(Laboratory Dance Project) dance company in Korea. He has been actively engaged in Seoul Dance Project of The Seoul Foundation for Arts Culture as a music director and DJ. He has earned lots of attention when he launched ‘Lunch Beat Seoul’ in Korea which originated from Stockholm in Sweden and has spread further out to Europe and North America. There was media attention and various artists appreciated the concept of Lunch Beat as it experimented on taking dance from conventional performing stage and introducing it to a new place and to the public including non-professional dancers as it encouraged other people to actively take part in the activity. What’s more, in 2014 he presented a multidisciplinary performance in MAXXI, the National Museum of Arts in Italy where he integrated music, DJ and media art for the purpose of celebrating the 130th anniversary of Korea-Italy amity.

At the VIP Preview fo r‘Gallery Weekend Korea 2016,’ Kim’s re-interpretation of “Yangban-choom,” a Korean traditional dance with modern technology and music, will be presented to guests from home and abroad. (* Yangbanchum is dance performed by upper class literati who enjoyed the arts and an elegant life. The dancing styles in the Yeongnam area are characterized to be plain and coarse as they adapt the motions in a mask dance drama. It is a representative male dance, and reveals the joy and taste of people with refined bodily movements.)