About PKM Gallery

40, Samcheong-ro 7-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

Working closely with established figures such as Olafur Eliasson, Darren Almond, and Gabriel Orozco, as well as representing leading international artists of Korean backgrounds, such as Lee Bul and Michael Joo, PKM Gallery is committed to presenting art that engages with an international context shaped by current critical discourses and curatorial practices.
Established in 2001, PKM Gallery began in a modest, renovated residential building in the historic Sagandong district in central Seoul. Embarking on an energetic program of presenting critically significant, internationally recognized artists to Korean audiences, PKM has grown to be one of the foremost galleries of Contemporary Art in Asia. In 2008, PKM expanded with the opening of another gallery in Seoul’s fashionable Cheongdam district. Withover 6,000 square feet of exhibition space situated at a strategic intersection of culture, fashion, and up-scale commerce, PKM Trinity Gallery enables the presentation of ambitious artworks with large space requirements, and makes them accessible to a broader audience.
Meanwhile, the original PKM space, in collaboration with the art consultancy, Bartle by Bickle & Meursault, is now dedicated to a program geared toward the discovery and cultivation of new and emerging artists through focused solo projects.

Past Exhibition

Jin-Kyu Kwon: The Essence

2017. 8. 25 ~ 10.14

PKM Gallery presented Jin-Kyu Kwon: The Essence in collaboration with the Jin-Kyu Kwon Commemoration Foundation from August 25th to October 14th, 2017. The exhibition by the late Korean sculptor master Jin-Kyu Kwon (1922-1973) displayed a total of 23 carefully selected works of sculptures and drawings, in various material such as plaster, stone, bronze and terracotta (including one plaster mold).

As a pioneer of contemporary Korean sculpture, Kwon is regarded as the most brilliant sculptor in the 20th century Korean art history. Although Kwon studied and practiced Western sculpture while he was a young student in Japan, Kwon reached beyond the Eastern aesthetics, ultimately arriving at a level of absolute sublime beauty. Through mainly figurative works such as human figures, Kwon conceived the epitome of pure beauty demonstrating the world of profound depth and spiritual purity of his subjects.

Jin-Kyu Kwon: The Essence at PKM Gallery centered around Kwon’s works which he created as a young artist in Japan. These works of valuable sculptures and drawings that explore the materiality of plaster, rock and bronze demonstrate the zenith of sculptural elegance. The exhibition also presented some of his terracotta sculptures which Kwon produced intensively upon his return to Korea. Charged with the aesthetics of the artist, the material of terracotta came at a crucial point in Kwon’s practice, in expressing his absolute sculptural beauty in a more elegant and evolutionary way. Preceding his terracotta self-portrait sculptures and female busts in the aspiration to formally establish Korean-style realism upon returning to Korea, these figurative sculptures in plaster, rock and bronze from Kwon’s days in Japan demonstrate both the sculptural experimentations and the core element of existence which transcend external forms and remove all unnecessary elements. From the point of having produced these works, Kwon was able to work with this immortal series of terracotta sculptures upon his return home.

This exhibition penetrated Kwon’s oeuvre from before and during his terracotta works, and offered a valuable opportunity to take a composed look into the essence of his art world which arrived at a state of pure aesthetics resonating beyond the geographical and temporal boundaries.

Jin-Kyu Kwon

1953 B.F.A. Department of Sculpture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 Jin-Kyu Kwon: The Essence, PKM Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2017 Jin-Kyu Kwon: The One Who Has Been Chosen, Kwon Jin Kyu Museum, Chuncheon, Korea
2016 Jin-Kyu Kwon: The Time of Thoughts, Kwon Jin Kyu Museum, Chuncheon, Korea
2016 Another Side of Jin-Kyu Kwon, Kwon Jin Kyu Museum, Chuncheon, Korea
2015 Jin-Kyu Kwon and Woman, Kwon Jin Kyu Museum, Chuncheon, Korea
2015 Digital Archive Lounge, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
2010 Hite Collection, Seoul, Korea
2009 Musashino Art University Museum & Library, Tokyo, Japan
2003 Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1998 Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1997 Busan Kongkan Gallery, Busan, Korea
1988 Ho-Am Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1974 Myeongdong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1971 Myeongdong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1968 Nihonbashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1965 Press Center Gallery, Curated by Gallery Soo, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 11 Modern Artists from Korea, Kwon Jin Kyu Museum, Chuncheon, Korea
2013 The Face of Age, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2013 The Masters of Korean Art: There Is No Flower Blooms Without Wavering, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Wanju, Korea
2013 A Moment of Truth, Cheong-jo Gallery 4, Museum SAN, Wonju, Korea
2013 Collection Highlights: Donated Works of Art by Jin-Kyu Kwon and Chung-Sook Kim, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
2010 The Masters of Korean Modern and Contemporary Art, 63 Sky Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
2001 16 Masters of Korean Modern and Contemporary Art, Geurorichi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1999 Viewing Korean Art Through Portraits, Ho-Am Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
1999 50 Years of Korean Sculpture: 1950-1999, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
1999 New Acquisitions 92-98, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea
1999 Korean Modern Art: Sculpture – The Perspective on Modernism, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Deoksugung, Seoul, Korea
1998 The Traces of the Modern Masters: Ucchin Chang, Saeng-Kwang Park, Jin-Kyu Kwon, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
1998 Tracing Modern and Contemporary Art Through Drawing, Geurorichi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1998 The Masterpiece, Juliana Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1998 The Portraits of the Korean, Gana Art Space, Seoul, Korea
1996 Watercolors, Drawings and Engravings by the Selected Korean Modern Masters, Seocho Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1995 The 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Kongkan Gallery, Busan, Korea
1995 Drawings by 30 Deceased and Living Artists, Geurorichi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1993 The Works by the Deceased Artists, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1992 The 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Ho-Am Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1991 The First Generation of the Korean Contemporary Art, Gallery Looks, Seoul, Korea
1991 Portraits of Korean Within Its 5000 Years of History, National Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea
1991 Artists Who Have Left Their Traces Behind, Wellside Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990 Inaugural Exhibition, Galleria Museum, Seoul, Korea
1990 The Stature of Korean Art, Geurorichi Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1990 Inaugural Exhibition Part I: Works by the Deceased Artists, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1989 Korean Sculpture Grand Exhibition, Central Square of World Trade Center Seoul and Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1984 Inaugural Exhibition, Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1984 Body Sculptures in Korea – The Before and After, Ho-Am Museum of Art, Yongin, Korea
1983 The Five Masters of Korean Modernism, Garam Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1982 Inaugural Exhibition, Ho-Am Museum of Art, Yongin, Korean
1980 Special Exhibition: The Collections of the Museum, Korea University Museum, Seoul, Korea
1975 Nude Exhibition by the Korean Contemporary Artists, Arum Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1974 Korean Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
1974 Rare Pieces of Art from the Collections of Art Lovers, Arum Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1973 Inaugural Exhibition for the Opening of the Contemporary and Modern Art Hall, Korea University Museum, Seoul, Korea