About Artist

Zong-De An An has showed us universal truths in our simple lives and traces of times through his artwork. He doesn’t use expensive and fancy materials like silver and gold. He uses plain and modest materials surrounding us, such as sweet potatoes, dried plant, food, papers, iron, rocks etc. These are ordinary things changing slowly but steadily. He doesn’t make artificial  changing or decorated. He spreads the colored papers out on the ground, and put the ordinary objects on the papers. The colored papers have been faded and stained by the sunlight and rain. Wind, rain, sunlight, and other natural events leave an indelible mark on papers as time passes. To explore the nature, he continues to make sincere and consistent efforts with patience. Nature’s great power is then consolidated on the surface of the papers, becomes “eternal”. His artwork is his meditations on life and art.

Gallery Info – Gana Art

Founded in 1983, Gana Art has introduced Korean artists to the global art world, and internationally renowned artists to the audience in Korea, through hundreds of exhibitions and international art fairs. As one of Korea’s most prestigious and influential art institutions today, Gana Art will make ceaseless efforts for the development of art culture and internationalization of the art in Korea. Read more.

Gallery Website

1987 Paris National art School, Paris, France

2010 Gallery Viva, Hongcheon, Korea
2005 Gallery Freihausgasse, Villach, Austria
2005 Pavillon Chinois de L’Hotel Hochschober, Villach, Austria
2005 AlainGaia Gallery, Paris, France
2003 GeorgesBakta Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
2003 Gallery Dorfmann, Paris, France
2000 Villete Museum of Science and Industry, Paris, France
2000 Insa art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1995 Gana art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1994 Gallery Patricia Dorfmann, Paris, France
1988 Usine Ephemere, Paris, France

2014 Insa art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013 Contenporary Age, Gana art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010 Vide et Plenitude, Paris, France
2008 Close to You, cyanmuseum, Yeongcheon, Korea
2008 Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom, Gana art gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
2004 FIAC international art fair, Paris, France
2004 Gana Beaubourg Gallery, Paris, France
2003 Dorfmann Gallery, Paris, France
2003 FIAC international art fair, Paris, France