About Artist

Hyounsoo Kyung expresses his visual subtlety through an abstract manner. He borrows some symbols of dismantled digital images from a computer and assembles the elements in his own way. His paintings start as computer images, but these digital images are unlike its typical kind because it is devoid of surface meaning, and they are without a beginning or an end. Through this separation, debris becomes the revived version, leading the original context to disappear.
Hyounsoo Kyung is said to “break free from the system of recognition and reason, which has become accustomed to control, and approaches the freer and more open world of form.” Others praise Hyounsoo Kyung for his view on how “digital datarisation means much more than a method of attaining added formative effects.”

Artist’s Note
I once wandered around the world through Google earth and found myself seeing road as one sculptural element and was able to find interest only out of its pure form. Since then, I began to learn refining debris created out of a massive structure. Thus, all the elements are actually what derived from the process of destructing data of a certain road actually existing. Although it may seem rough and shapeless at first, I strive to finish one complete sculptural form at last in my own visual sense.


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1999 M.F.A. in Painting, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
1995 B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Joongang University, Seoul, Korea

2015 Shape & Color, Space Willing N Dealing Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Kyung Hyounsoo, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 Kyung Hyounsoo, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 Debris, Art+Lounge Dibang, Seoul, Korea

2014 Spectrum Spectrum, Plateau Museum, Seoul
2013 Landscape Perceived, Arario Gallery, Seoul
2012 Sporadic Positioning, Arario Gallery, Seoul