About Artist

Artist Kim Hyun-Jung’s work strives to create compositions of form and color by layering paint over paint. She concentrates on the formal qualities of painting per se and, simultaneously, captures unfamiliar gaps of everyday life which are channelled onto canvas. Within these oddly silent scenes of her work, various stories are hidden which let viewers complete those indeterminate tales. Since her first solo exhibition in 2007, Kim has had five solo shows including the exhibition at Gallery Hyundai 16 bungee (2012) and Makeshop Art Space (2013). She has also exhibited extensively in group shows including  <Reflection> (Gallery Zandari , 2015), <Daily Life Painters> (Lee Hwaik Gallery, 2015), <In Between > (Kumho Asiana Museum, 2013), and <Drawn to Drawing> (Gallery 175, Seoul-Gallery Kaze and Osaka-Gallery Nakai , 2013). Kim has taken part in residencies at Mongin Art Space and Makeshop Art Space and joined international art fairs in Korea including  2016 BANYAF and Art Busan 2016.

Artist’s Note
Works that began as contemplations on how we accept the reality we experience moved on to become paintings that tenaciously explore the senses of landscapes that we are very familiar with. During the process of shaping the grain of landscapes that we accept so naturally and imagining how an object exists, a prosaic scene gains a unique vibe. That exists as an emotional state, which cannot be defined, interacts with individual memories, and can be experienced with new senses. In order to reproduce an object as a tangible thing such as the sense or an emotion that I get immersed in, I try to express the object’s sense of materiality. I paint the imaginary textures of its existence that I feel. Scenes created that way no longer exist anywhere in the world as do my feelings, but they reveal the most genuine of all moments to me. To me, painting is an attitude of observing the world in a pure, delicate and complex way.

Gallery Info–Space O’NewWall

O’NewWall means ‘May and/or June’ which means midsummer in Korean. Opened in June, 2011, Space O’NewWall is a collaborative group of curators aiming at a new concept gallery and an agency which carries out the connection of ‘city-image-culture’ which contemporary human being grows.. Read more.

Gallery Website

2011 M.F.A. in Fine Art, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Korea
2006 B.F.A. in Fine Art, Duksung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

2015 The Waves, Gallery Button, Seoul, Korea
2014 There is no there there, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea
2013 Moonless night, Makeshop artspace, Paju, Korea
2012 Desire, Gallery HYUNDAI 16bungee, Seoul, Korea
2009 Window exhibition, Gallery HYUNDAI Window Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2009 Always Somewhere, Gallery175, Seoul, Korea
2007 blush – arts & Its future V, Alternative space Artforumrhee, Bucheon, Korea

reflection, Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea
Daily life Painters, Leehwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea

in between, Kumho Museum, Seoul, Korea
who draws, Gallery Button, Seoul, Korea
drawn to drawing, Gallery175, Seoul-Gallery Kaze, Osaka-Gallery Nakai, Kyoto, Japan
The Inner Landscape, Gallery Royal, Seoul, Korea
Unfinished Journey, Cais Gallery, Seoul, Korea

see saw, Kyounggi University Hoyun Gallery, Suwon, Korea
makeshop top10, Makeshop artspace, Paju, Korea
Casimir Effect, Gallery b’One, Seoul, Korea

ANYWHERE, Mir Gallery, Pohang, Korea
Our Scenery, YeeMock Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Beyond Issue, Gallery Chosun, Seoul, Korea
ACexchange, Sungkuyn Gallery, Seoul, Korea

alternating current: A-B, Faculty Fine Art Gallery, Beogard, Sebia
The Orbit of Painting, Korea National University of Arts Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Do Window, Gallery HYUNDAI Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
Brand New-Best of Breed, Gallery Won, Seoul, Korea
Rare Flash, KEPCO Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Cutting Edge, Coex Hall, Seoul, Korea

No boundery I experienced, Gallery Cott, Seoul, Korea

Open studio, Alternative space HUT, Seoul, Korea

Brain sales, Gallery Topohaus, Seoul, Korea

Imagination Box, Ssamziespace Beautiful Store Hong, Seoul, Korea