About Artist

Kyungchul Shin studied B.F.A. Fine Art at the Daegu University and received ShinCho Art Awards in 2005. In 2013, he was selected as an artist of Daegu Art Factory and had an opportunity to have five times of solo exhibitions including the titled ‘Form’ in museums and galleries. Recently, he participated in the group exhibition called <Story of Zoo> held in the Pohang Museum of Steel Art and in NEO SANSU held in the Daegu Art Museum in 2014. His paintings are also collected by Korea Appraisal Board and the Museum of Daegu University.

He expresses the subjects of nature in big scale and abstract shapes. Composing the surface created out of one color and the rendering of pencils, the portrayed landscape of the painting seems to show the enlarged scenery of nature from the microscopic perspective.

Artist’s Note
Images caught in everyday life are instant, but they last in my memory. During the process, the images could be reconstituted over and over. My works are tracing the process in the form of art.

Gallery Info – Leeahn Gallery

Since its inception in 2007 in Daegu, and its opening of a second branch in Seoul in 2013, LEEAHN has operated the two gallery spaces. LEEAHN has hosted the exhibitions of such Korean artists as Hyunwook Ryu, Myungmi Lee, Tchunmo Nam, J. Park, and Hodeuk Kim 3 or 4 times every year.. Read more.

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2005 B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Daegu University, Korea

2016 The Young Artists of This Year, Daegu Arts Center, Daegu
2013 Form, Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, Korea
2012 Form, Artist Residency, Space Gachang, Daegu, Korea
2010 Homage to Abstraction, Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, Korea
2006 SPACE 129, Daegu, Korea
2004 CUBE C, Daegu, Korea

Korea group show, National Centre of the Contemporary Art, Volga Region Branch, Nizhuy Nougorod
GALLERY WEEKEND KOREA 2016, Art Space at Interpark Theater, NEMO, Seoul
Extension.KR, Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Weaved Land, LEEAHN Gallery, Daegu, Korea
Korea-Japan Artists Exchange Exhibition, SinJo Artists Association, Nagasaki Museum of History & Culture, Nagasaki, Japan
Animal’s Story in Museum, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang, Korea

Neo-Sansu, Daegu Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

The 20th South Region Contemporary Art Festival, Biennale Exhibition, Gwangju, Korea