About Artist

Lee Seunghee has been exploring the similarities and differences between two-dimentional solid objects, as well as their relationships. He constantly challenges himself to escape from the stereotypes formed by familiar notions or the visual images, and has developed a unique standard of his own ceramic works – a new prospect to convert three –dimensional porcelain to two-dimensional ones in relief. The artist has also created hundreds stems of red ceramic bamboos in 2015, and exhibited then on his solo exhibition “Object beyond Object” in Beijing and in the “Special exhibition: Beauty and Happiness”, directed by Alain de Botton, at the 9thCheongju International Craft Biennale.

Artist’s Note
The ceramic bamboo joints are baked piece by piece in the fire and each piece has a different form and vivid power like a real bamboo. To create a 4.5-metre tall bamboo forest with hundreds stems of bamboos, about 10,000 joints has to be produced. The process of producing each bamboo joint was a steep path, but the process of assembling each bamboo and forming ceramic bamboo forest was even more difficult. “A bamboo that is not a bamboo.” I have agonized about the true nature of naturalness during the work, and found the naturalness of new unfamiliar objects by escaping from the idea object which is standardized and fixed. When I finished the installation, I felt that the red bamboo seems quite natural as part of nature.

Gallery Info – Park Ryu Sook Gallery

For more than 30 years, Park Ryu Sook Gallery has been committed to introducing progressive contemporary art to both domestic and international market. Founded in 1983 by the eponymous art dealer, Park Ryu Sook Gallery is recognized as the pioneer of creating what is now a vibrant contemporary art scene in Gangnam area of Seoul.. Read more.

Gallery Website

1987 Handcraft Department, Cheungju University, Korea

Object beyond Object, Force Gallery, Beijing, China

Nada out of Nada, Gallery Leebae, Busand, Korea

Beyond Expectation, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Path, Wally Findlay Gallery, Palm Beach, FL
Tao, Shin Gallery, New York, USA

Who Are You, Gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea

CLAYZEN, Gallery Ibae, Busan, Korea

CLAYZEN, Korean Craft Museum, Cheongju, Korea
CLAYZEN, Gallery UM, Seoul, Korea
CLAYZEN, Gallery ARTSIDE Beijing, China

Hong Kong Arts Centre Flagship Exhibition, Hong Kong
Expansion and Coexistence, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Korea
Searching for the Soul of Joseon White Porcelain, Choi Sunu Memorial Museum, Seoul, Korea
Constancy & Change in Traditional Korean Art, La Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italia
Casting Plus, City Gallery, San Diego, US
Walking in Origin, Force Gallery, Beijing, China
Summer Art Festival – FEEL LIFE, Waterfall Mansion, New York, USA
Beauty of Arts, Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai, China
An Ode to Blue, Icheon Ceramics Center, Icheon, Korea
Ode to Porcelain, Seoul Museum, Seoul, Korea

Artist with the MACKALLAN, ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea
Lee Jong Mok, Lee Seung Hee, Gallery Ibae, Busan, Korea

Not Just New, But Necessary, Cheungju International Crafte Biennale, Cheungju, Korea
Converted Image, Galley Lux, Seoul, Korea
Summer Art Festival – FEEL LIFE, Waterfall Mansion, New York, USA
Beauty of Arts, Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai, China
An Ode to Blue, Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon

Persistence of Memory – An Empty Bowl, Moonlike Pot, Space-Mom Museum of Art, Cheungju, Korea
Beauty of Arts, Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Shanghai, China


Bok Jong Soon, Lee Seung Hee, Gallery Vanziha, Daejeon
Hopscotch, Musim Gallery, Cheungju, Korea