About Artist

Min, Jung-Yeon lives and works in Paris after her graduation from Ecole Nationale Superieur des Beaux-Arts. She was born with a natural aptitude of depicting her eccentric imagination inviting the onlooker to experience her surreal and intimate vision. Her beautifully created organic forms flow and inhabit the imaginative space often together with her own figure or animals. Conveyed within the work is her interpretation of the relationship between fantasy and reality.

Gallery Info – Gallery KONG

Gallery KONG, located in the main art district of Seoul, Samcheong-dong, was found by a young owner Grace K.H Kong in 2005.
Its principal focus is the representation of an international group of contemporary artists, emerging to established, whose diverse practices include photography, installation, and new media art.
The gallery represents established international artists, Erwin Olaf, Michael Kenna, Bae Bien-U, Bernard Faucon, Joel Mayerowitz, Sandy Skoglund, Gregory Scott and young emerging artists, Min Jung Yeon, Nathan Harger, Chen Ruo Bing, and SHIN Gyung Jin.. Read more

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2002 BFA in painting, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
2005 MFA in art plastique, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

2017 Russia – National Museum of Oriental Art Moscow (2017, Fev)
2016 Memory of space, KONG gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 Hier je comprenais mieux aujourd’hui (Yesterday, I understood better than today), Gallery Maria Lund, Paris, France
2014 Hybrid Spaces, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 Hybrid Spaces, Hada Contemporary, London, U.K
2012 Memoire de la serre, Galley Maria Lund, Pais, France
2011 Modern art Museum of Saint-Etienne Metropole, Saint-Etienne
2011 Imigration, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich
2009 Beaute troublante, Kong gallery, Seoul, Korea
2007 somnolence, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich
2006 Passage, Gallery Kashuya Hildebrand, New York
2005 Amnios, Gallery Mille Plateaux, Paris
2004 L’aube Apres La Nuit, Korean culturel center in Paris, Paris

Korea group show, Gallery Triumph, Moscow

ART LONDON 2015, Gallery Kong, LONDON
Dessins de la collection – acquisitions du club des partenaires, Modern art Museum of Sain-Etienne Metropole, Saint-Etienne
Les cailloux sont Plus doux que la laine, Sans Frontiere
Art Center, Paris
Butterfly from the kaleidoscope, Fellini Gallery, Berlin

PRIX CANSON 2013, Petit Palais, Fine Art Museum of Paris
DRAWING NOW 2013, Le salon du dessin contemporain,
Galerie Maia Lund, Paris

Planter une ile dans un pot, Atelier Gustave, Paris
accrochage4, Galley Maria Lund, Paris

Asian Art Biennale, Taiwan National Art Contemporean Museum
Korean collective 2011, Gallery Boordeinde, Den Haag, Hollande
Scope Basel 2011, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Bagel 2011
Westparcel, kunstvereib GRAZ, Rogenburg, Allemagne
Westparcel, Altefeuerzache, Berlin-Fieddrichshain, Allemagne
Korean collective 2011, leonhard Ruthmuler contemporary, Basel
Art Paris 2011, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Paris

Art stage Singapore 2010, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Singapor
G20 Seoul Summit celebration, exposition d’art coreen,
Assemblee Nationale de Coree, Seoul
Korean collective LONDON 2010, Albemarle Gallery, London
Neo-graphie – Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
ARCO 2010, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Madrid
Kunst 2010, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich
Scope Basel 2010, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Basel
Art Hongkong 2010, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Hong Kong

Scope Basel 09, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Basel
Exposition de jeunes artistes internationaux, KT&G Art Center, Daegu
Espace des arts sans frontieres Art Center, Paris
Expo de Printemps, Espace 5 Etoiles Art Center, Paris
Art Dubai 09, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Dubai
Art Asia Miami 2009, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Miami

Comtemporarv Korean Artists in Paris, Hangaram Museum, Seoul
Sh Contemporary 09, Gallery Kashya Hildenrand, Shanghai
Art Dubai 08, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Dubai
Art Cologne 08, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Cologne

Dreamscapes, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich
Art Miami 07, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Miami
Art Dubai 07, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Dubai

Korean Contemporary 5, Kong Gallery Seoul, Korea
Petit a Petit, Gallery Daumesnil 89, Paris
A Travers Des Nouvelles Fenetres, Korean OECD, Paris
Art Fair 06, Gallery Kashya Hildebrand, Cologne

Public Colletion
Modern art Museum of Sain-Etienne Metropole, France

Laureate du Prix du Club des Partenaires 2011 – Modern art
Museum of Saint-Etienne Metropole

Troisieme prix German – Korean Artistic relations competition, Seoul