About Artist

Jihye Park as a video artist, explores relationships and their reciprocality and expresses them through her work. Her contemplations of relationships are not about grandiose relationships, but are about those close to our everyday lives such as dating, love, jealousy, sympathy, etc. The most intimate of relationships are the spatial identities that are infused with unfathomable levels of convention, mythology, and formalities. The seemingly simple person-person meeting ground is actually festered with underlying basic conflicts, a complicated and complex place where innumerous conventions and desires that control individuals collide, exchange, and compromise with the other. The violence that lies concealed in such familiar and close relationships is all the more dangerous because it is masked, and because it is born of intimacy.  A form of violence concealed in everyday life, She investigates the identity of the potential desire that exists within the relationship between human beings and while the work does not portray a distinct event it does exude a rather bizarre sense of psychological unease.

Artist’s Note
My works are mainly divided into two formats. First work is a video work and the video reveals the true self of each desire which is latent in a close relationship. With the desire existing in back of close relationship, hidden violence with the symbolic factors of fairly tales and stories, it associates various events happened in an actual world with one’s stories and creates various psychological status, caused by human’s desire, the many conflicts and psychological value of contradiction.
The second work is a plane piece which collages Victorian Scrap, used for decorating secret diaries and photo collections among Victorian women, who are restricted in social interaction.
The series works, <The Forms of Love>, based on the romantic fiction that I read, show various types of love. These works look like warm and faint just like an old story but when you look into carefully; there is a hidden strangeness inside so that they express the story of duplicitous love.
<Enchanted> series are expressed in a more fairly tale atmosphere. Children, in forest, flower garden and sea with a romantic and fantastic atmosphere, accept cruel and outrageous situations indifferently and they are naturally harmonized with the situation. Through the stories of dreams in the children, away from reality, the world we live in, that is luxurious and rich, and the weirdness of human, happening in the back of those plenteous world, it pulls down boundary of the beauty and ugliness, past and present, and fantasy and reality to reveal its actual nature.

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Established in 2005 in Seoul, Gallery SUN contemporary has focused on selecting and introducing the talented young contemporary artists. The gallery aims at promoting the artists consistently to enhance their presence in the international art world.. Read more.

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2009 M.F.A. in Art Practice, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK
2007 B.A. in Art and Contemporary Critical Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK
2004 Extension Degree in Fine Art and History of Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK

Breaking the waves, Gallery Button, Seoul

SongEun Art Cube Award Exbhibion, Sense of Absence,
Songeun Art Cube, Seoul

The Hollow Nadir of Vanity, Tenderpixel Gallery, London

35th Joongang Fine Arts Prize Exhibition (Hangaram Museum, Seoul)
Interpenetrate; 2013 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea The National Art Studio Goyang (The National Art Studio Changdong, Seoul)

Intro, (The national Art Studio Goyang, Gyeonggi-do)
Trace of Human Nature, (Gallery SUN Contemporary, Seoul)

I am Here, (JAAGA, Bangalored)
Objet Objet Objet (Art Space H, Seoul)
The Woodmill S.A.G.S. (The Woodmill, London)
SAMVAAD :International Video Screenings Invite (1 shantiroad Studio Gallery, FICA, New Deli)

RHIZOSPHERE: Directions in Motion, 4482 [SASAPARI] (Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, London)

Retro (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul)

Experimental Video Art 7 Exhibition, Thai-European Friendship 2010, (Chiangmai University, Media Arts and Design
Post Graduate School, CMU Art Museum, Bunditpatanasilata Institute, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Tailand)

The III FestArte Video Art Festival, (Macro Testaccio, La Pelanda, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Rome)
Invisible Bonds, (Korean Cultural Centre, London)
Peer 6: Film Screening, The Assistant, (Bearspace Gallery, London)
4482 [SASAPARI] Utopia/ Dystopia: A Palace with Contemporary Views, (Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, London)
The Devil’s Necktie, (The Woodmill, London)
Ways of Seeing, Part 1, (I-MYU Project, London)

New Romance, (Ada Street Gallery, London)
MFA Art Practice Show, (Ben Pimmlot, Goldsmiths College, London)
RUSHES Soho shorts Festival 2009, Tenderpix Experimental (Tenderpixel Gallery, London)
Travelling Along (Waterside Project Space, London)
One Hand Clap, Dial Zero (Ada Street Gallery, London)
Group/Gopup (Area 10, London)

Entry Forms, UK Korean Artists (Korean Cultural Centre, London)
The Imaginative Symbolical Composition (Corningsby Gallery, London)
RUSHES Soho shorts Festival 2008, Tenderpix Experimental (Tenderpixel Gallery, London)

2013 35th Joongang Fine Arts Prize, Grand Prize
2009 Final List, Experimental Category, RUSHES Soho Shorts Festival 2009
2008 Final List, Experimental Category, RUSHES Soho Shorts Festival 2008

Belvedere Museum Austria, 2012
The 8th National Art Studio Goyang 2012