About Artist

RohwaJeong is an artist duo consisting of Noh Yun-hee and Jeong Hyeon-seok. Although RohwaJeong is an imaginary creation generated by the two artists, it is a real being with an independent identity. Due to this inherent nature, RohwaJeong’s true nature is liquid-like, inevitably fluid and variable. Immanently made to watch and be watched by the other, RohwaJeong secures an objective eye and in the process redevelops its form by continuously criticizing and holding the other in check.

Artist’s Note
RohwaJeong’s work begins with their relationship. Though the subject originated from their method of exchanging ideas to create one final piece, now RohwaJeong have departed from human relationship to focus on a variety of paradoxical aspects.
As a result, at the moment RohwaJeong is interested in the binary opposites of relationships such as everyday life and work, actual existence and image, natural and artificial matters, inside and outside, center and periphery, past and present, and etc. and applying its paradoxical meaning in a behavioral aspect.
RohwaJeong seeks the link between individual interest and contemporary phenomenon and continues to seek if it can serve as another solution through art.

Gallery Info – space bm

Opened in December 2012 by Bella Jung and Min Lee in Itaewon area, Gallery 101 now has a new name, “space bm”. Bella Jung became the sole director of space bm from January 2016 following Min lee’s resignation. Space bm focuses on introducing Korean and international artists through various exhibitions and events.. Read more.

Gallery Website

Noh Yunhee  2005 B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Three Dimensional Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea
Jeong Hyunseok 2006 B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Three Dimensional Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

Live and let live, Space BM, Seoul, Korea

Within Arm’s Length, Gallery Factory, Seoul, Korea
Return Trip, Galerie Dohyanglee, Paris, France

Seoul art space Archive room open invitation exhibit, Seoul art space, Seoul, Korea

RohwaJeong solo exhibition and Summer Festival, Schloss Balmoral, Germany

The detachable pullout supplement, Gallery Light-Box, Seoul, Korea
Single room for 2 people (Emerging 8), Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea

The key in a suitcase, Jinheung Art hall, Seoul, Korea

The thing that you know, I do not want to know, la compagnie, Marseille, France
MOUSAÏ – MUSES, Galerie Dohyanglee, Paris, France
Experiment Expression, SeMa Buk Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

Neutral era, Artspace Boan1942, Seoul
Replaying the Scene, SeMa Nanji Exhibition hall, Seoul
Klingsor’s last summer, HITE Collection, Seoul, Korea
Speculative Dust, Conner Art Space, Seoul, Korea
The Idea of North : Schizo-Geography, Amado Art Space, Seoul, Korea
EXHIBITION FOR 9 : HELP WANTED, Bundo Gallery, Daegu, Korea

Open Lab, KRISS, Daejeon, Korea
Confession of a mask, MoA, Seoul, Korea
6-8, Artsonje Center, Seoul, Korea
When the future ended, HITE Collection, Seoul, Korea

No One River Flows, Kuandu Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
Life is very beautiful, KAIST, DaeJeon, Korea
Let’s Remain Courteous, HITE Collection, Seoul, Korea
EX, Espace des arts sans frontierés, Paris, France

Work out, Schloss Plueschow, Schloss Plüschow, Germany
Clothes, Ewha Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Open Sea, DongdukArtCenter,Seoul,Korea

Being with you – DINGOS, Gallery B-hive, Seoul,Korea
The day without hands-DINGOS, RYU HWARANG, Seoul,Korea

Zeitgleich, WERKSTATT GALERIE 20, Germany
EXTENDED SENSES, Song won Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Incheon International Digital Art Festival 2010, Song-do Tomorrowcity, Incheon
Balmoral Blend, Arp Museum, Germany
ASYAAF Invitation Exhibition, Sungshin women’s University, Seoul, Korea
Close Encounter, Jeju Museum of art, Jeju-do, Korea
Munjibang, Dibang, Seoul, Korea
DECENTERED, Gwangju Museum of art, Busan Museum of art, Gwangju, Busan

DECENTERED, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Hong belt Festival, Gallery King, Seoul, Korea Home & Away, Goyang National Art studio, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 2008, Intro, Goyang National Art Studio, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Ssamzie Space 1998-2008, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea Fashion Show, Moran Museum, Geonggi-do, Korea Medium, Hongik University Hyundai Museum, Seoul, Korea