About Artist

The Shadows and Illusions in Gaps
Drawing lines shows horizontal images but the amplitude of the waves of the invisible irregular emotions that move up and down is huge. The sensitivities of such memories are to be rewritten after being erased from the gaps between the sheets of paper and films. The layers heaped up over the time will make a difference in the thicknesses between shadows and illusions.
However he wishes to be an invisible line. As if he were a flash of light….
-Lee Kwan-Hoon (Curator, Project Space, SARUBIA)

Black Light – Invisible Light
This writer imagines following the artist while I look at Yoon Sang-Yuel’s <Silence>. Yoon Sang- Yuel is looking at empty surface (paper) at night with many thoughts, and hears a howl from that empty surface, upon which he has not committed any action to. Surely, ‘howl’ in this context does not mean ‘noise’ from outside the picture, but a howl from the empty surface. He draws vertical lines to put the howl from the picture to sleep.
-Ryu Byung-Hak(Art Critic)

Artist’s Note

A fear is my long symbiont and the object I should overcome. It resulted from the outside stress from the border line of social stereotype and life and following mental conflict. The factors of fear that became naturally a part of my life appear as various symptoms within my scope of activity. My work has begun at the point when I decided to admit them as symbiotic relationship both in joy and sorrow rather than to deny.

Gallery Info – GALLERY DATE

Gallery Date opened in 2009 in the aim of raising cultural values in the local area and Korea through professional and artistic exhibitions. It developed by walking the same road with numerous artists to make modern art and culture everyday reality.. Read more.

Gallery Website

B.F.A. in Fine Arts, Kyung-Won University, Seoul, Korea

‘Space of difference'(SPACE MOM Museum, Chung-Ju)
‘Optical evidence'(Renzo Coritina , Milano)

‘Intangible afterimage'(BMM Museum, Seoul)

‘The pattern of rhythm'(Gallery SoSo, Seoul)
‘False Evidence Appearing Real'(Space Hole & Corner, Seoul)

‘The ways to overcome'(KwanHoon Gallery, Seoul)

‘FEAR'(Gallery 2, Seoul)

‘GYEONGGI JAPGA: New words, New song’ (Gyeonggi Museum, Ansan, Korea)
‘The Third Zone’ (GANA INSA Art center, Seoul, Korea)

‘Mindful Mindless'(SOMA Museum, Seoul, Korea)
‘A Vision in Indefinite Space’ (Opera Gallery, Seoul)
‘Grand Opening of Paris’ (Opera Gallery, Paris)
‘Four Winds’ (Opera Gallery, Monaco)
‘Art Busan 2015’ (BEXCO , Busan)

‘Window of K-Art’ (National Museum of Indonesia , Jakarta)
‘AAF Milano 2014’ (Superstudio Piu Milano, Italy)
‘CIGE (China National Convention Center., Beijiing)
‘Art MO international Art Fair (Venetian Macao Cotai Expo, Macao)

‘ITAEWON PROJECT’ (Paikhy Gallery., Seoul)
‘Art::Gwangju’ (KimDaeJung Convention Center, Gwangju)

‘詩畵一律’ (GANA Art Center, Seoul, Busan)
‘Art::Gwangju’ (KimDaeJung Convention Center, Gwangju)
‘Salon de living art’ (COEX Hanabank VIP lounge, Seoul)

‘Optical City’ installation, (The head office of the Hanabank, Seoul)
‘Tomorrow Open Archive’ (SOMA Museum, Seoul, Korea)
‘DAEGU Art fair’ (EXCO, Daegu, Korea)

‘Velvet Inspiration’ (KIMI ART, Seoul)
‘Pointer’ (K-art Space, Seoul)

‘Skape at aA’ (aA Design Museum/Skape gallery, , Seoul)

‘Mixed & Matched’ (Bitforms Gallery, Seoul, New York)