About PYO Gallery

314 Sowol-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

PYO Gallery was established in the heart of Seoul in 1981, positioning itself as the leading venue to exhibit works by the most promising artists in Korean and international art scenes. For the past years, the gallery has been fortunate to exhibit works by Lee U-fan, Kim Tschang-Yeul, Park Seo-Bo and Chung Chang-Sup. It has also continued actively to search for the most promising Korean artists for the past few years, to herald a new phase of modern and contemporary art in Korea.

Past Exhibition

Hyun-Jin Kwon: Visualization of the Invisible

2017.5.13 – 6.10.
Hyun-Jin Kwon challenges the modern abstract painting and seeks for a new contemporary abstract painting. Modernist painting represented by reductionism tried to conceal the visible, while attempting to visualize the invisible. She replaces the flat-white canvas with vibrantly colored stainless steel tableau. Kwon also attempts to accomplish abstract painting with contemporary pluralism by employing the mixture of notions and senses. Rethinking of modern painting is what the artist regards as the way for contemporary abstract paintings should head. PYO Gallery attempted to offer alternate possibility of the painting along with the up and coming artist in the exhibition Visualization of the Invisible.
This exhibitions was composed of Hyun-Jin Kwon’s primal series, including Visual Poetry and Visual Poetry Sculpture, which uses automobile polish on curved stainless steel plate. The artworks shown next to canvas works and video works. The stainless steel works and canvas works create visual spectacles with their similar style and different medium. Kwon’s recent video works will let us get into a world of vibrant colors creating a lyric poem.

Artist’s Note
My Visual Poetry Sculpture series is a mirror that reflects our hopes, dreams, secrets, and emotions that are alive and breathing. My work does not just depict the world as I want to see it, but depicts visual fantasy and the world beyond the canvas, as well as the virtual world. Visual perception is, of course, intended to accommodate a variable abstract form that is understood as tactile perception, and to create a constantly moving illusion by using the media characteristic of a visual image that cannot be grasped from a single viewpoint. To this end, I want to relate media art to traditional abstract paintings and to include analogs in the digital environment. By doing so, I intend to create an abstract painting that fuses and expands all things, not merely a combination of art and technology.

Hyun-Jin Kwon

2016 Ph.D. HongIkUniversity, Painting Major, Seoul, Korea
2012 M.F.A. Yonsei University, Communication Department, Media Art Major, Seoul, Korea
2006 M.F.A. Pratt institute, Fine Art Department, Painting Major, New York, United States
2003 B.F.A. Ewha Womans University, Painting & Printmaking Major, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions
2017 Visualization of the Invisible, Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2016 Visual Poetry_Color Fantasy, Herald Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 Visual Poetry, Han Kyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 Visual Poetry_Available Light, uJung Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2015 Essence of Colour, Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong, China
2013 The World Through Closed Eyes, Chung Jark Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2012 Visual Poetry, Gail Art Museum, Gapyeong, Korea
2012 Visual Poetry, Schema Art Museum, Cheongju, Korea
2011 Visual Poetry, Grimson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2008 Color and Form Speak, Mako Education Centre, Mako, Hungary
2006 Graduate Thesis Show, Pratt Institute, Steuben South Gallery, NY, United States
2005 Progressive, Paula Barr Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY, United States