About space bm
309-3, Dongbinggo-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

Opened in December 2012 by Bella Jung and Min Lee in Itaewon area, Gallery 101 now has a new name, “space bm”. Bella Jung became the sole director of space bm from January 2016 following Min lee’s resignation. Space bm focuses on introducing Korean and international artists through various exhibitions and events. Space bm also aims to promote Korean contemporary artists by building artists’ archives and participating in renowned international art fairs.

Past Exhibition
WonGI SUL Solo Exhibitions
2016. 10. 12 – 2016. 11 . 6

This exhibition presents abstract paintings of Won Gi Sul. Sul has in the past showed both figurative and abstract paintings, without showing a special preference for either genre. When asked about the lack of a singular stylistic direction, he has always claimed that he felt there was not a purposeful difference in the different works.
Sul has always believed that visual art, including painting, was seen by the eyes, but visualized by the mind. He has clarified that all is seen is not all visualized. The mind filters the visual signals, subtracting and at times adding what was not even seen, to construct a picture of the mind’s making. This concept has been verified by scientific researches over the past 60 years.
Naturally this visual construction by the mind takes reference from the thinking patterns of the artist and the viewer. Sul wants to emphasize that these thought patterns change with the times, hence if the artist is true to his thinking characteristics, he will be able to reflect the times without relying on images or concepts depending on current events.
Sul says that all the abstract paintings in this exhibition are self-portraits, as all art is in some form self-portraits. He wants the viewer to visualize the portrait in the mind by reading the intents expressed by the paint and the artist. He says that we have been trained by education and current life style to visualize by reading and analyzing rather than by visual gestalt, as in the past. The paintings presents a personality, a self-portrait without the need of visual likeness.

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