About Space O’NewWall
12-6, Seonjam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea

O’NewWall means ‘May and/or June’ which means midsummer in Korean. Opened in June, 2011, Space O’NewWall is a collaborative group of curators aiming at a new concept gallery and an agency which carries out the connection of ‘city-image-culture’ which contemporary human being grows, changes and develops within. O’NewWall tries to function as a curatorial laboratory where genre, age, medium, nation, and era can harmonize.

Past Exhibition
Youngzoo Im Solo Exhibition
2016. 9. 30. – 2016. 10. 20.

“Today, religion is constantly posed with a question on its meaning of existence in the modern world. Does this mean that faith, and the act of faith are disappearing? The story begins from a question on whether primitive beliefs incarnate in the ‘materials’ that we consider as secular or conventional, in all the places that have been separated from religion. Through the activities of a web-based exploration society which studies various materials (gold, meteorite, sun), we look into traces of folk belief/worship of the Elements/worship of nature and track the structure of belief.”

gallery_weekend_logo Showcase Exhibition

Hyunjung Kim